Give us a starry night!


Mauritius used to be known as the land of shooting stars. But, I am afraid it can’t aspire to that title anymore! With all those lights of civilization thrown towards the sky, it’s becoming harder to catch sight of a star, let alone a shooting one!


Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a bright street lamp. But perhaps, it should throw more light downwards where people are, and not towards the sky where the little green men are! What about using lanterns that throw light downwards instead of those lamps which throw too much light upwards?


Centuries ago, astronomers looking at the sky saw bulls, scorpions and fishes. Nowadays they see white dwarfs, quasars and black holes. But the night sky does not belong to scientists alone. It is also the birthright of dreamers, poets, lovers and singers. Is there any Mauritian who has never heard of Tino Rossi’s “Tant qu’il y aura des étoiles!


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