Le Morne


What’s all this nonsense about Le Morne? Just because the Appravasi Ghat has been inscribed on the world heritage list, does this mean that Le Morne also should follow suit? But that’s Mauritius after all. Now that the Hindus have had their “boute” the Creole community also should get theirs.


But tell me, what can it matter to a poor Creole family that Le Morne becomes a “patrimoine mondial”. Will this automatically fill their empty larder with food  – or equip their living room (if they have any!) with new furniture?   


What this country needs is a decent living standard for everyone. So, I’d welcome any decent project in Le Morne area if this means more jobs and money for all those poor around.


Ms Deepa Bookun of L’Express is right when she says: “I’m all for symbolism and preservation of our heritage but not at the cost of our bread and butter. We will only be in a position to insult potential investors when our coffers are full and we don’t need their money. As far as I know, we are a long way short of this.”


As the French would say: “A bon entendeur, salut! 


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5 responses to “Le Morne

  1. i agree with you but as u say, saken p rode zotte boute!
    n thats the mauritian culture.
    if one religion gets something, automatically others will try to get something similar in some way.
    for the moment, we got ony hindus (a,ghat) and creole(le morne) on the list..

    who knows who will come next on the list…

  2. Hi Lindsay,

    I also agree with you. Everything in this country is about ‘saken so montagne’ ou ‘saken so boute’.

    I like this saying: “Lorsque le sage montre la lune du doigt, l’imbécile regarde le doigt…”

    Here, we seem to waste all our (limited) energy on “le doigt” and practically never on “la lune”.

  3. Rosa

    Hey, I read these responses a bit late. What do you think of the plans for IRS in le morne?

  4. Reshmee

    I think that its a good thing aapravasi ghat and le morne became a world heritage because this can boost up cultural tourism in Mauritius which is quite promising nowadays. This project as well as any other project will certainly not eliminate ‘poverty’ , but i deem it can atleast contribute to our current pillar of economy(tourism). And also, the tourism sector is involving more and more the population in their projects regardless to their social background,educational or religion, so in a certain way its not a ‘world heritage’ is not such a bad thing. We are not losing anything,we should just think BROAD.


  5. Its me

    By the way am from a muslim family and i Strictly agree that Le morne Should be a Heritag place Because not only ” Creol” that died there but all religion people so u got to accept this as a Heritage place and it does not matter of your religion that u should think ur better!!

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