About me


My name is Jean Lindsay Dhookit and I am a lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Mauritius. But in my spare time, I like to write short stories in English and French. I must have written around twenty, I guess, and I hope to compile a whole collection some day.

To start with, here are three short stories in English. Hope you like them… and feel free to comment!


8 responses to “About me

  1. Ravi Luchmun

    Interesting stories…i started to read the missing 800 million short story…then it was not really that ‘short’ 😛

    but still interesting 😉

  2. U’ve got some kind of magic in ur stories, the magic of reality; money, woman and sex 3 factors that u brought up either directly or indirectly in ur mind manifesto, brilliant piece of art!!!

    Looking forward 2 read more…

    (The Writing of the Short Story by Lewis Worthington Smith) check it out .

  3. apart from ur love for short memos i found out that u r an angry activist hoping mauritians would use a little bit of their brain… when i was in primary school 1 of my teacher told us that whatever u do in life Religion will always influence ur decision, Mauritius have got a good brain wash for years.

    What i suggest u, is that u create a new society, (check out Scientology as example), don’t blame Mauritians we are just born with an unwanted religion and u can imagine the story. Btw i’m a born muslim mauritian but chosed 2 b atheist.

  4. Ali

    I’m a 15 year old guy and I hit on this totally by error. Read the Demon-lover thing. I actually write plenty of short stories too, but they’re mostly philosophical in nature. I share your incapacity in writing long stories. It bores me and I quickly give up! ;]
    Nice stories, I’d love to be able to be a part-time writer too.

  5. Ramchurn Purmeshwar

    Miss ur class n ur interesting stories sir

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  7. P Jeanne

    My name is Patrice, I met you recently at “Maison de Carné”, thank you. Mob 7820353

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